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Adaptive Equipment

Adjustable chair - gives good support to back and feet while sitting at an adult size table
Framehuggers - keeps those glasses on and  they are comfy too!
Howda Chairs “The Listening Chair” -hugs and rocks, satisfies figiting
Headphones - Noise reduction headphones
Pattibob Shoe Insert - helps with making kids feel more "grounded" calms and increases attention
Rocker Chair and great books - allows for movement at a desk without tipping over 
SPIO Suit - helps with calming, focus, attention, and balance
Stand Up For Learning - a stand up desk, great for increasing attention
Talk Point Record and Play Buttons -  nice for communicating  choices with the touch of the button, easy to change the messege with different activities
Weighted blankets - great for calming and sleeping


Play Equipment and toys that encourage movement, strengthening and imagination

Activity Mats - "Let's Get Moving" from Lakeshore
- wonderful little video of Bilibo in action!
Dizzy Disk - great for core strength and vestibular input
Gong Top  a.k.a.Tumble Top
Kids Dream Gym – home therapy products
Magnamorphs - Animals and characters that connect with magnets
Pop Tubes aka Pop It, Rapper Snapper, Accordian Pipes. This is toy gives a lot of sensory feedback and has endless possiblities 
Snap Electronic Kit - Snap Circuits great for developing pinch strength, visual perception skills and very engaging


Help for Daily Dressing and Hair Brushing Meltdowns

Compression Garments Flaghouse– fun styles helps with tactile defensiveness, calming and awareness of body in space
Compression Garments Under Armor – feels like a second skin helps with tactile defensiveness, calming and awareness of body in space
Hanna Anderson - super soft kid’s clothing
Knot Genie – magically gets rid of knots
Seamless Underwear and Socks
Teres Kids - super soft kid’s clothing
Vibrating Hairbrush


Quiet Tactile Figits

Desk Buddy Sensory Bar – it is also a flexible
ruler, great for older kids too 
Squigglets -basically a koosh ball bracelet
Surgical Brush - sensory brush with soft bristles
Tactile Tiger -hand figit


Feeding / Oral Motor

Cheweze - clear tubing with spiral key chain and clasp to attach to clothing
Chewbeads - Mommy chic, baby friendly and great for all kids who like to chew
Chewy Tube and Chewy Stixx - flavored
Dr. Blooms Chewable Jewels –designed by
a dentist and has breakaway cord
Kid Companions Chewelry  -heart and circle
with figit within the chewlery
Z - Vibe


Vision / Fine Motor

ADHD and Vision
Colored Glasses - some children are able to relax and focus better with color
Colored Overlays for Reading - some children are able to read easier with colored plastic overlays decreasing glare and headaches
Dr. Togerson -lots of great info on vision therapy
Dr. Baxstrom - lots of great online vision activities and information
Draw Write Now Books- Each book has step by step how to draw an animal then 4 sentences to copy that are interesting facts about the animal- I love these books!
Eye Exercises - Eyes Can Learn - great website for some home vision therapy activities
Find a Developmental Optometrist with FCOVD credentials and who provide vision therapy
Fine Motor Activites for home - Therapy Street for Kids is a great website for parents looking for home activities to augment their child's OT
Fluorscent Light Diffusers - lots of beautiful designs
Learning Disabilities: ADD-ADHD and Vision Therapy
Parents Active for Vision Education  (P.A.V.E)
Pin Hole Glasses -for improving central focusing vision- can help some children who are not able to look directly forward and tend to use peripheral vision
Quality Rx glasses - starting at $6.95
Visual Motor Drawing Books - Mad Art drawing books are fun, erasable, mostly drawn pics and kids just add the details like stripes on the zebra
Visual Perception Activities 
Visual Perception / Fine Motor- Ed Emberley Picture Pie book (make cool pictures from cutting circles in half, quarters etc)



Autism / ADD Balm -helps block out other odors that child can not tolerate
Follow Your Nose - game


Social Skills

App: Hidden curriculum for adolescents (there is one for younger kids too)
Book and CD: A Quest for Social Skills for Students with Autism or Asperger's           -ready-to-use lessons with games, role-play activities, and more
Book - How Rude!
-"The Teenagers' Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out"
Book: The Hidden Curriculum: "Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations"
Book: Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond                                                 There is also one for Elementary
CD: Be a Friend
– songs for social skills
DVD and Book: Every Child Wants to Play:
 "Simple and Effective Strategies for Teaching Social Skills" -lots of activities to help make the invisible social rules visible and tangible  e.g. trading line
Hidden Curriculum One-A-Day Calendar for Older Adolescents & Adults
 -there is one for younger kids too
Ready Made Social / Behavior Stories 
More - Ready Made Social Stories
Social Thinking Books

Social Thinking - Social Learning Tree
Success Stories – customize your own book - similar to social stories
Zeebu DVD


Behavior Helps

App: No More Meltdowns -book also available
App: Time Timer – visual timer 
Portable Parenting -app with "Star Stash Rewards"
and “Take-Out Time Out” fold up disk
for visual consistency with time outs
Light up Timer - Time tracker timer lights ups green, yellow (warning) and red when time is up there is also a time tracker mini which also has a warning time that you can set.


Music CDs

Be a Friend – songs for Social Skills
Handwriting Without Tears -3 CDs with hit therapy songs such as “Mat Man” and “Tap Big Lines”
Make a Sound and Move Around -hit therapy songs such as “Were Walking Round and Round”, “Shake and Roll”, “Shake your hands and Touch your Nose”
Songames for Sensory Integration -great for quick sensory breaks to increase learning alertness


Child Development

Child Development - birth to 5 years
Milestones - birth to 6
Child Development -birth to 12 years
Child Development Timeline
Physician Article
: "Does our educational system contribute to attentional and learning difficulties in our children?"

Home Schooling

A fun video a giant tub of non Newtonian fluid
Kahn Academy - Free videos from math to physics - outstanding resource
Hackschooling Makes Me Happy - great TED talk by a young man being homeschooled
Home School with special needs - lots of links
How to make non Newtonian fluid -Learn to Write and Read Computer Code, a highly needed skill and only 1 in 10 schools are teaching it.  Lots of great jobs out there when you have this skill.  Free online resource to learn with tutorials that start at age 6.
Mindmapping - Free iMind Map software for organizing thoughts  - great for right brain kids having a hard time with writing
Mulitiplication Table Songs - video for each song
Neuroscience for Kids
Washington Virtual Academics



98 Year old Black Belt Woman still teaching judo
Aging Actively: Mary Kostka's dear friend Peg Stark 93 and still swimming
Autistic Basketball Player Jason Mc Elwain
Autistic Graduate Salutatorian Speech
Best Dr. Seuss quotes
Conjoined twins turn 16 and learn to drive a car
Down Syndrome - Tim owns his own restaurant  and has Down Syndrom, hugs are on the menu!
Inclusion in a basketball game - boy from apposing team passes the ball to developmentally delayed boy 
Piano player with no fingers on one hand
Mary Kostka's sister Christy - mosaic artist who has CP
Nick Vujicic and Bethany Hamilton Nick has no arms, no legs and learns to ride a
surfboard from the real Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton - amazing!
Temple Grandin (trailer) - a must watch movie, an incredible story that helps us get an idea
what it is like to have sensory processing disorder and thinking in pictures instead of words
Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton tells her own story


For Siblings and Peers

My Friend with Autism - book with CD of coloring pages
Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears? - book about dealing with sensory overload



Local Resources for OT, SLP, PT, Counseling
Washington Resources -database of resources for special needs children.  Organized by state, then county, you can search 12 categories, including Child Development/Therapy Services/Screening Programs for local resources.

Turning Point Therapeutic Horsemanship Program -Catherine Juchmes 509-663-6518


Support for Parents and Children/ Adolescents /Young Adults

Autism Business Cards - great way to communicate with onlookers when dealing with a meltdown - make free biz cards at
Autism Society  of Washington
 - Wenatchee has a local chapter
Getting to Know My Child
  - a nice form to give to teachers, coaches, therapists, family and friends to help them understand and be helpful to your child
SPD Parent Connections 
SPD Support
Upper Valley Connections -Wonderful year round recreation and social opportunities, check out their great video (bottom of their website page)
Temple Grandin's Website - lots of great Q&A and resources for sensory processing, Autism, ADD, ADHD
Therapy Street For Kids - lots of great home therapy activities 



Videos and Articles on Pediatric OT and Sensory Integration/Processing Disorders

A Child's View of Sensory Processing - great video!
Article on SPD

Find an OT certified in SI
Complete Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder - A comprehensive website with a ton of links to articles, a great resource
In The Clinic with Dr. A Jean Ayres - see the originator of Sensory Integration Therapy in action
Infinity Walk for calming and focus - video
Pediatric Occupational Therapy Video – USC graduate
Low Muscle Tone - great explaination of what low muscle tone is and how it affects children and their functioning
Proprioceptive System - Brain Highways - great video for teachers and parents to understand why some kids tap, chew, lean, bump, fall out of chairs and touch everything
Sensory Integration Global Network 
Sensory Integration video, 10 min good detailed explanation (but no pics of kids doing it)
Sensory Integration video by CP Discovery – good short of video of kids in therapy
Sensory Processing Disorder in the News - good short video shows before and after therapy
Sylvie’s Story – Occupational Therapy for  fine motor skills - video
Sensory Diets for School
Unique Prints Occupational Therapy - "Sensory Integration" - good short video with subtititles explaining purpose of the activities
Vestibular System - Brain Highways - great video to help parents and teacher understand why kids wiggle, get out of their chair and rock when trying to sit
Visual Development - video of normal vision development Birth to 6 months
“ What is Sensory Processing Disorder?”  -very good short video
SPD Life - website geared for adults with SPD (also very helpful for adolescents)


Favorite Therapy Supply Catalogs

Abilitations / School Specialty - swings, fine motor
Flaghouse – gross and fine motor
Handwriting Without Tears – print and cursive curriculum
Southpaw Enterprises – swings
Pocketfull of Therapy – fine motor, handwriting, visual perception
SPD Foundation E-store, Flaghouse products a portion goes toward SPD research
Sport Time – gross motor toys
Therapro – gross and fine motor
Therapy Shoppe - lots of good sensory items!


Diagnosis Information

Diagnosis lists and resources
 - pertaining to sensory integration dysfunction / sensory processing disorder
Research - ADHD and Sensory Modulaiton Disorder
Seattle Children’s Hospital - great resource for information on a wide variety of diagnoses


Great Link Lists

ABC Therapeutics : includes free curriculum and national association lists
American Occupational Therapy Association – links for articles on pediatric OT
Excellent list of links and recommended reading
Fact sheets
Family support
Henry OT’s great links
Helping Hands Therapy - more great links
Kids Creek - family / patient resources
List of catalogs
Special Education Links / Diagnosis Resources